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Arizona has such a unique and fantastic geologic history. A remnant of that history are the rocks, gems and mineral deposits all over the state. Many people have no idea of the richness that lies beneath their feet.


To bring that geologic history and the story of the earth in Arizona to life, we dedicate the Pinal Geology and Mineral Museum. Created and maintained by the Pinal Gem and Mineral Society under the guidance of geologist Ray Grant, the museum is telling the story of the earth in Arizona and displaying examples of its mineral beauty.


The Pinal Geology and Mineral Museum is currently under development and construction as part of the Copper State Heritage Museum in the Artisan Village of Coolidge ( located at 351 N. Arizona Boulevard. We expect the Museum to be open in the fall of 2015 and more announcements will be forthcoming. We are planning a Grand Opening during the fall.




The Museum is ready to open to the public. This is a request for volunteers who will help us keep it open. We need volunteers who are willing to spend four hours or more a week at the Artisan Village. Their main job will be to have the Museum open for the public, but they can also help the Coolidge Chamber of Commerce in the visitor’s center. We would like to have two people to volunteer for the same time as they can keep each other company. There is wifi at the Village so the internet is available. We will have training about the exhibits and information sheets about many of the exhibits.

Volunteers who do a minimum of 8 hours a month will get lapidary classes and use of the lapidary shop at 25% off and volunteers who do a minimum of 12 hours a month will get lapidary classes and use of the lapidary shop at half price. Use of the lapidary shop is normally $10 per hour and volunteers (12 hours a month or more) can use it for $5 an hour. Volunteers will also get 25% off purchases in the Geology Museum gift shop.

We expect initially the Museum attendance will be low, but we will be able to market the Museum when we have regular hours. If you can volunteer any hours (4, 6, 8, 12 or more a month) please send me an email I will contact you about organizing volunteers and training.

Museum News

The museum is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM thanks to
our volunteers. If you would like to volunteer please contact me at
We have a new exciting addition to the Museum.
This is Rick Miller with our new dinosaur that he help capture and move from Tucson to
Our new dinosaur making his/her home in the Museum. Be sure to come by for a

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